Canadian Firearms Safety Course

This is a Safety course designed for all firearms’ users including novice

This course is a prerequisite to apply for a Canadian Possession and Acquisition License(PAL)

Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (R-PAL)

Minors permit (Persons 12-17 years of age)

Objectives of Canadian Firearms Safety Course

  • Public education and awareness regarding continually changing firearm laws
  • Safe and responsible use of Firearms and ammunition
  • comply with firearm laws
  • safe & legal storage of firearms and ammunition
  • Public education regarding transport and proper use of firearms.

The non-restricted course is  a minimum of 8 hours teaching plus breaks and exams.  The closed book written and practical exams are administered directly after the course.  We Keep all of our classes to maximum 6-8 students.

The restricted course is 6 hours teaching time  with a written and practical exam to finish. We keep all of these courses to maximum 6 students.

The application to the government will also be supplied. Once completed the application process takes approx. 8-12 weeks

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All firearms & ammunition used in our training center are (is) de-activated/ disabled from use. No live ammunition or firearms are permitted on the property.